The SS-Schijäger Bataillon Norwegen (SS-Skijegerbataljon Norge) was formed as SS-Freiwilligen-Schikompanie "Norwegen". It was made up of Norwegian volunteers and was attached to 6. SS Gebirgs Division Nord.
It's first commander was Gust Jonassen (leader of the sports section in Nasjonal Samling Ungdomsfylking (NSUF)) and most of its officers and NCOs were Norwegians. Most of its personnel were well-trained skiers and it was mainly used for long-range patrols and ambushes.
It suffered very heavy losses in the battles of Kaprolat and Hasselmann hills June 1944.

The remaining soldiers of this units were used to form SS-Polizei-Grenadier-Batallion (mot) 506.


Gust Jonassen (? 1943 - 26 May 1943)
Richard Benner (26 May 1943 - ? Apr 1944)
Frode Halle (? Apr 1944 - ? Dec 1944)
Egil Hoel (? Dec 1944 - 8 May 1945)

Manpower strength

Jan 1944 700
Dec 1944 1.200

Order of battle

1. Kompanie
2. Kompanie
3. Kompanie

Norwegian volunteer, note the Nasjonal Samling badge and Frontkjempermerket (Norwegian Frontfighter Medal) on the breast pocket
(Courtesy of Peder)

Recruitment posters
("Guarding Norways border to the east!" / "Join us in the north!")
propaganda-skijager-norge1  propaganda-skijager-norge2
(Courtesy of Ola)

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